Flag Day 2012 inside Fort McHenry

We thank those of you who have been members over the years, supporting the many programs! However, The American Flag Foundation has discontinued its membership program and is concentrating its resources on its Living American Flag program.  We do hope you will continue to support patriotism and Flag education through your generosity!

We are campaigning hard to raise an endowment to cover ALL of the programs of The American Flag Foundation, and invite you to visit our Go Fund Me page on Facebook to keep track of our progress.  Creating an endowment maintains a core fund; interest income to support programs into perpetuity.  With just a few dollars, or more, you can donate to ensure the future – Flag education to elementary school students! All donations are fully tax-deductible.  Thank you!

Visit all our website pages to discover the broad range of educational materials used daily by teachers, authors, students, parents and citizens, including Flag etiquette, historic character descriptions, and patriotic songs.  To help sponsor a school for a Living American Flag event: Living Flag Donation Letter 2017.

You can help to preserve patriotism and America’s heritage for future generations.

Pat Perluke

Executive Vice President
The American Flag Foundation, Inc.