The Flag Speaks: (See video That Old American Flag below)

Born during the nation’s infancy, I have grown with it, my stars increasing in number; the domain over which I wave expanding until the sun on my flying folds never sets.

Filled with significance are my colors of red, white, and blue into which have been woven the strength, courage and the love and loyalty of the American people.

  • Stirring are the stories of my stars and stripes.
  • I represent the Declaration of Independence.
  • I stand for the Constitution of the United States.
  • I reflect the wealth and grandeur of the great Land of Opportunity.
  • I signify the Law of the Land.
  • I tell of the achievements and progress of the American people in art and science, culture and literature, invention and commerce, trade and industry.
  • I stand for peace and good will among the nations of the world.
  • I believe in tolerance.
  • I am the badge of the nation’s Greatness, and the emblem of its Destiny.
  • Threaten Me and Millions Will Spring to My Defense.

Have a Flag to donate?  Why not contact your local school, or local veterans’ organizaton?

–           Know Your America, prepared and distributed by the National Americanism Commission of The American Legion