Poets, patriots and composers have given endearing names to our National Flag.  The best known are:

Old Glory – William Driver (1803-1886).  As the Flag of the United States was hoisted to the masthead of his brig, he said, “I name thee Old Glory.”  This is the first time that the Flag was called Old Glory.

The Star-Spangled Banner was the title of the song written by Francis Scott Key during the War of 1812, set to an old English tune and was declared our National Anthem by Congress in 1931.

The Stars and Stripes – George Henry Preble in 1880 wrote in his History of the Flag of the United States of America, “When the Stars and Stripes went down at Sumter, they went up in every town and county in the loyal states.”

Starry Flag – George Frederick Root (1820-1895) was most likely the first songwriter to use the word Starry in describing our Flag, in a song he wrote in 1862, in the line, “And beneath the Starry Flag.”

Freedom’s Banner – Joseph Rodman Drake (1795-1820) wrote a poem called The American Flag, which ended in the line, “And Freedom’s Banner streaming o’er us!”

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President Woodrow Wilson, XXVIII President of the United States 1913 – 1921 issued Proclamation 1335 – Flag Day, on May 30, 1916.  See WWilson Proclamation 1335