Teachers and Community Sponsors:  For “how-to” manuals on creating your own June 14th Flag Day program, or a Living American Flag program in your school or community, or preparing for a Living American Flag program, click below on the free downloadable, Newly Revised Education Resource Handbooks (also available on CDs for $15 plus shipping).  Our goal is to ensure that teachers have instructional materials that reflect the reading, writing, speaking, and listening standards of the Common Core State and National Standards.  The “DEFENSE OF A NATION: Maryland’s Role in the War of 1812” was integrated into the handbooks.

The story of our Flag is the story of the nation itself:  please visit the All About The Flag page for many resources: Flag Etiquette, Flag History, Flag Holidays, Flag Code, Folding the Flag, Flag Disposal, PowerPoint “How to Treat the American Flag,” How to Display the Flag, our Flag’s Progression…

Other Educational Resources include:



GRADE 3 Revised Education Resource Handbook PDF
GRADE 4 Revised Education Resource Handbook PDF GRADE 5 Revised Education Resource Handbook PDF 
 THE DEFENSE OF A NATION: Maryland’s Role in the War of 1812  – Teacher’s Resource Guide PDF THE DEFENSE OF A NATION: Maryland’s Role in the War of 1812  – Lessons: Defending the Chesapeake Region; and Live From 1812  PDF SSBO EVENT MANUAL PDF
History of Pledge PDF WordSearch PDF Printable Pledge of Allegiance PDF
The American’s Creed PDF Printable Stars and Stripes PDF SigningThePledge PDF
Historic Character Timeline PDF How to Order Flag over Capitol Rev. PDF Red Skelton’s Pledge of Allegiance PDF
BaltimoreandtheWarof1812 PDF Sample Flag Presentation Ceremony PDF Changes Through The Years – The Pledge of Allegiance 
 Abraham Lincoln PDF  Some are contributions sent to us.  If you wish to contribute, please send us your original poems and we would be pleased to consider adding them to this page. America The Beautiful  PDF
 Benjamin Banneker PDF  A Toast To The Flag PDF America “My Country Tis of Thee”  PDF
 Benjamin Franklin PDF America – For Now and to Endow  PDF Battle Hymn of the Republic  PDF
 Buffalo Soldiers PDF Duty to our Flag  PDF  Columbia, The Gem of the Ocean PDF
 Clara Harlowe Barton PDF Flag of the Free  PDF  God Bless America PDF
Dolley Madison  PDF I Am Your Flag  PDF Here Comes The Flag  PDF
 Emily Raine Williams PDF The Flag  PDF  The Star-Spangled Banner PDF
 Fort McHenry Guard PDF   This Land is Your Land  PDF
 Francis Bellamy PDF    When Johnny Comes Marching Home PDF
 Francis Scott Key PDF    Yankee Doodle PDF
 Frederick Douglass PDF    You’re A Grand Old Flag PDF
 George Gordon Meade PDF    
George Washington  PDF    
Isaac Ridgeway Trimble  PDF    
 Mary Pickersgill PDF    
 Sgt. William H. Carney PDF    
Uncle Sam  PDF    
 Winfield Scott Hancock PDF